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Results of Scalability Improvements for Project Voldemort

For the past several weeks I’ve been working on and off on an NIO implementation of Project Voldemort‘s socket server. Voldemort is a distributed hash table used at LinkedIn in order to scale certain workloads. Up until now, Voldemort used a blocking I/O (BIO), thread-per-socket model for its binary protocol. My implementation moved to supporting […]

Linux Miscellaneous

If You're Installing Fedora 8 on a Dell Inspiron 530S

I recently bought four machines for a test lab I’m configuring. Each is a Dell Inspiron 530S that comes without an operating system. (Well, technically it comes with FreeDOS.) So I set about to install Fedora 8 on it. If you’re installing Fedora 8 on a Dell Inspiron 530S, here are some tips for you: […]